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As the name implies, this sector deals with services to the well where operators will manipulate tools down the well that are attached to wirelines and pump fluids down the well with the coiled tubing. With the advances in technology, coiled tubing is now being used to perform drilling activities by attaching drill bits to the end of it. In exploration a wireline with measuring equipment is lowered into the well and produces a log that maps the rock type and formation. During the development of the production wells, wireline equipment is used to perforate the casing, cement and rock to allow the oil and gas to flow into the well. When the wells are producing, well services provide maintenance for them.

Operations Supervisor

The operations supervisor overseas the activities of the operators.

Wireline Operator

The wireline operator performs maintenance in the well by attaching the necessary tools to the wireline.

Coiled Tubing Operator

The coiled tubing operator uses the coiled tube to perform downhole tasks like pumping fluids down the well to stimulate the flow of oil and gas.

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