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Well Intervention SupervisorLaurencekirk, UNITED KINGDOM
Nylon 6 Console OperatorRabigh, SAUDI ARABIA
Nylon 6 Shift SupervisorRabigh, SAUDI ARABIA
Naphtha Reformer Shift SupervisorRabigh, SAUDI ARABIA
Naphtha Reformer Console Operator Rabigh, SAUDI ARABIA
Metathesis/MTBE/Isobutylene Shift SupervisorRabigh, SAUDI ARABIA
Metathesis/MTBE/Isobutylene Console OperatorRabigh, SAUDI ARABIA
EVA/LDPE Shift SupervisorRabigh, SAUDI ARABIA
EVA/LDPE Console OperatorRabigh, SAUDI ARABIA
EPR/TPO Shift SupervisorRabigh, SAUDI ARABIA
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