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Saudi Aramco

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There’s no better place to Dream Big than Saudi Aramco. As a global leader in the energy industry with over 54,000 employees, the sheer scope and scale of our operations – and vision – mean we can offer you the perfect environment in which to realize your career potential. With a career at Saudi Aramco, a global leader in the energy industry, you’ll provide the invaluable support that keeps our business moving forward. From exploration and production to refining and distribution, the scale and complexity of our operations means your expertise will get the full exposure it deserves. So just imagine the possibilities for development. We have the model for generations of sustainable energy. But it all begins with a huge investment in your expertise. The limits to what you achieve are up to you

Learn more about the amazing rewards, lifestyle and benefits that come with a career at Saudi Aramco.;108150226;t

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Saudi Aramco's current live jobs

Compressor and Steam Turbine Engineering SpecialistVariousSAUDI ARABIA
Vessels EngineerVariousSAUDI ARABIA
Upstream Corrosion SpecialistVariousSAUDI ARABIA
Downstream Corrosion SpecialistVariousSAUDI ARABIA
Boiler and Fired EngineerVariousSAUDI ARABIA
Civil Engineering Materials SpecialistVariousSAUDI ARABIA
Downstream Corrosion EngineerVariousSAUDI ARABIA
Materials & Corrosion Engineering SpecialistVariousSAUDI ARABIA
Geotechnical EngineerVariousSAUDI ARABIA
Cathodic Protection SpecialistVariousSAUDI ARABIA
Planning and Programs AnalystSaudi ArabiaSAUDI ARABIA
Planning and Programs AnalystSaudi ArabiaSAUDI ARABIA
Lead Project Cost EstimatorSaudi ArabiaSAUDI ARABIA
Business Economics Modeling SpecialistSaudi ArabiaSAUDI ARABIA
Professional Development Training AdvisorSaudi ArabiaSAUDI ARABIA
Business Project and Finance Planning SpecialistSaudi ArabiaSAUDI ARABIA
Refining or Petrochemicals Integration Team LeaderSaudi ArabiaSAUDI ARABIA
Project Engineer at Saudi AramcoSaudi ArabiaSAUDI ARABIA
Supervisor Maintenance Engineering Support at Saudi AramcoSaudi ArabiaSAUDI ARABIA
Cathodic Protection Engineer at Saudi AramcoSaudi ArabiaSAUDI ARABIA
Maintenance Engineer (T&I) at Saudi AramcoSaudi ArabiaSAUDI ARABIA
Refinery Process Engineer at Saudi AramcoSaudi ArabiaSAUDI ARABIA
Refinery Electrical Engineer at Saudi AramcoSaudi ArabiaSAUDI ARABIA
IT/Network Engineer (Refining)Saudi ArabiaSAUDI ARABIA
Senior Rotating Equipment EngineerSaudi ArabiaSAUDI ARABIA
Process Control Engineer at Saudi AramcoSaudi ArabiaSAUDI ARABIA
Supervising Operator at Saudi AramcoSaudi ArabiaSAUDI ARABIA
Operation GeologistDhahranSAUDI ARABIA
Reserve GeologistDhahranSAUDI ARABIA
Seismic InterpreterDhahranSAUDI ARABIA
Geological Consultant (F03-70015653)DharanSAUDI ARABIA
Geological SpecialistDhahranSAUDI ARABIA
Geophysical ConsultantDhahranSAUDI ARABIA
Vetting Officer (Captain)Saudi ArabiaSAUDI ARABIA
Captain (Floaters and Barges)Saudi ArabiaSAUDI ARABIA
Port EngineerSaudi ArabiaSAUDI ARABIA
Chief Engineer (Floaters and Jack up Barges)DhahranSAUDI ARABIA
Loss Prevention EngineerSaudi ArabiaSAUDI ARABIA
Senior Drilling Foreman / DSV (Exploration, Development, Workover, oil and gas, onshore and offshore options). Interviews London October 2014.VariousSAUDI ARABIA
Naval ArchitectRas TanuraSAUDI ARABIA
Electrician - TrainerSaudi ArabiaSAUDI ARABIA
Technical AdvisorSaudi ArabiaSAUDI ARABIA
Maintenance EngineerSaudi ArabiaSAUDI ARABIA
Project Engineer - Process Engineering SpecialistSaudi ArabiaSAUDI ARABIA
Project Engineer - Cost Engineer (PMT)"various"SAUDI ARABIA
Field Operation Maintenance RepresentativeVariousSAUDI ARABIA
Contracts AdvisorVariousSAUDI ARABIA
Project Engineer – Estimating (PMT)"various"SAUDI ARABIA
Project Engineer – Scheduling (PMT)"various"SAUDI ARABIA
Project Engineer – ChemicalDhahranSAUDI ARABIA
Job Adverts 1-50 of 60

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