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A tradition of excellence and innovation

We’re the leading provider of oilfield services, focusing on innovative technologies for reservoir characterization, drilling, and production. We’re also a leading employer in our sector—with a reputation for hiring the best and the brightest people and keeping them at the top of their game through rewarding career-long development opportunities.

Each day, in 85 countries, we help our customers find and produce oil and gas in ways that demonstrate respect for both people and the environment. Today’s industry challenges call for new ideas, techniques, and solutions. If you want to drive your career and want to grow with a company that’s embraced new ways of thinking since 1927, we may have the career for you.

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Schlumberger's current live jobs

Maintenance Technician, Heavy Duty MechanicCanadaINTERNATIONAL
Directional DrillerMidlandINTERNATIONAL
Frac & Stim Field SpecialistsMidlandINTERNATIONAL
Laboratory Technician (Oil and Gas)InternationalINTERNATIONAL
Testing EngineerInternationalINTERNATIONAL
Cementing Field Specialist - Midland TXMidlandINTERNATIONAL
Schlumberger Business Consulting - Management ConsultantInternationalINTERNATIONAL
Wireline Professional Field EngineerAberdeenINTERNATIONAL
Directional DrillerInternationalINTERNATIONAL
Environmental Solutions SpecialistInternationalINTERNATIONAL
Area Depth Imaging GeophysicistInternationalINTERNATIONAL
Drilling Engineer or Well EngineerInternationalINTERNATIONAL
Pipe Recovery SpecialistNiskuINTERNATIONAL
Project Engineer, Drilling FluidsInternationalINTERNATIONAL
Fishing Tools Specialist (Supervisor or Operator)InternationalINTERNATIONAL
Drilling Wellsite SupervisorInternationalINTERNATIONAL
Cementing Field SpecialistInternationalINTERNATIONAL
Drilling Fluids SpecialistInternationalINTERNATIONAL
Well Site SupervisorNeuquénINTERNATIONAL
Core Analysis Lab SpecialistInternationalINTERNATIONAL
Project Engineer for Environmental SolutionsInternationalINTERNATIONAL
Sales EngineerInternationalINTERNATIONAL
Coiled Tubing Field Specialist/SupervisorInternationalINTERNATIONAL
MWD Field SpecialistUnited States of AmericaINTERNATIONAL
Mechanical Maintenance Technician/SupervisorInternationalINTERNATIONAL
Project Manager (Production)InternationalINTERNATIONAL
Water Services Senior Technical ManagerEnglandINTERNATIONAL
Research ScientistsInternationalINTERNATIONAL
Electronics Maintenance TechnicianInternationalINTERNATIONAL
Data EngineerInternationalINTERNATIONAL
Rig ManagerInternationalINTERNATIONAL
Completion and Workover EngineerInternationalINTERNATIONAL
Hydraulic Engineer or HydrologistInternationalINTERNATIONAL
Research Scientist - Structural GeologyCambridgeINTERNATIONAL
Research ScientistCambridgeINTERNATIONAL
Research GeophysicistInternationalINTERNATIONAL
Testing Field SpecialistInternationalINTERNATIONAL
Contracts ManagementRuwiINTERNATIONAL
Failure Analysis EngineerHoustonINTERNATIONAL
Casing DrillerInternationalINTERNATIONAL
Flow Assurance ProfessionalInternationalINTERNATIONAL
Rig Safety Coordinator/ManagerInternationalINTERNATIONAL
Systems EngineerInternationalINTERNATIONAL
Senior Groundwater ModelerInternationalINTERNATIONAL
Production EngineerInternationalINTERNATIONAL
Job Adverts 1-50 of 73

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