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Well Completion & Intervention Supervisor

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The Well Completion-Intervention Supervisor shall report to the Well Completion & Intervention Superintendent for all matters related to the performance of the works. Shall refer and coordinate with the Drilling Supervisor (if present) for issues tied with rig logistics, safety and other administrative matters at the rig site.
The appointed position shall supervise the well completion, testing, servicing and intervention operations at the rig site as per approved programs, supervising contractors and specialist personnel in a safe, environmentally friendly and cost effective manner and in accordance with Company’s requirements and regulations. Ensure that data and information are collected, checked and correctly transmitted to the Well Operations office. Suggest on the most effective methods and technologies aimed at improving safety and performances at the well completion, testing, servicing and intervention operations. .
Accountabilities and Responsibilities:
The job holder is responsible for:
• Supervise Contractors in the day by day execution of all Well Completion, Testing, Servicing operations as planned and detailed by the relevant work programs.
• Co-ordinate and provide the necessary leadership at the rig site in carrying out all the activities with respect to the various programmes.
• Ensure, in co-ordination with the Drilling Supervisor, that all necessary services, equipment and materials needed to carry out the planned operations are procured in due time, avoiding delays and down time.
• Ensure that performance of Service Contractors, in respect of personnel skills, efficiency of equipment, quality of work, delivered results, safety and environmental attention, is in accordance with the contract terms; evaluate and report on the contractors performances.
• Ensure that Service Contractors delivery note and service tickets are duly prepared and signed/endorse to allow the proper cost and invoices control and approval

The position holder is responsible for operational implementation of the approved programs at the rig site and to fulfil requirements tied with the execution of contracts with Contractors and Suppliers. He is also responsible for gathering, controlling and transmission of Company’s reports, in coordination with the Drilling Supervisor, if available.
More specifically:
• Ensure that all activities and objectives are met in a safe, and cost effective manner.
• Ensure proper collection of data (surface and subsurface) at rig site to be transmitted back to Company’s base and ensure the correctness of content and quality of such data. Compute the day by day operations cost estimate.
• Continuously monitor the effectiveness of the ongoing operational process and report on same. Suggest and discuss with the reporting position ant changes to the approved programme which may be required with a view to improve safety and operability.
• To take prompt action and notify the Reporting Position, in the case of unplanned events on the well, to safeguard life and minimise damage to properties and any detrimental effect on the environment.
• Analyse all operational problems in order to understand causes and propose to the reporting position the most effective solutions. Ensure that lessons learnt are properly reported to the appointed position.
• Implement and monitor on the risk reduction programmes, if any.
• Participate in risk analyses/assessments, identifying potential hazards and proposing risk reducing measures as far as practicably possible.
• Reviews the work programme, with a view to identify and propose means to avoid hazardous operations, conditions, and unsafe practices.
• If required, provide training support of local engineers/supervisors.
• Ensure that hand over notes are prepared and allow for a smooth continuation of the operations at turn over.

HSE Responsibilities:
Demonstrate a personal commitment to Health, Safety and the Environment by following…
• Kazakhstan Statutory Health, Safety & Environmental Regulations
• Agip KCO’s Corporate Health, Safety & Environment Policy, and applying Agip KCO’s Safety Management Systems.
• Be fully familiar with the AgipKCO Emergency Preparedness Plans.
• Identify risks and hazard related to the activities being executed and report on them to the line of responsibility.
• Implement risk reduction plans and ensure that they are fully acknowledged by all the rig site positions.
• If requested, contribute to preparation of the identified HSE cases.
• Support the preparation of the necessary documentation to apply for dispensation from procedures should this be required by contingent reasons.

Main Interfaces:
• The job holder has Contacts with the Company’s positions linked to the performance of well operations off-shore. Typical interfaces are: Logistic/Transport Dept.; HSE Dept.; Reservoir/Engineering/Production Dept’s; ITT Dept.
• The job holder has contacts with Contractors at the rig site with the scope of organizing and coordinating the works, ensure availability and assess conformance with specifications and HSE requirements of services, materials and equipment at the rig site.

Qualifications & Experience:
The job holder must have
• University degree or Diploma in technical/engineering disciplines.
• In possession of valid certificates(e.g. well control, H2S, survival. etc.)

 Minimum of 7 years experience in completion and/or well testing/work over operations, preferably off-shore.
 Experience of working in sour environment and completion of overpressured carbonate reservoir.
Required Competencies:
The job holder must have proven:
• Skilled in Well Completion, Well Testing, Well Intervention and Well stimulation methods and techniques. Knowledge of Drilling and W.O. rigs characteristics and specific Equipment and Systems relevant to the specific works.
• Familiar with well service – CT, slickline equipment and operations
• Familiar with all the control techniques (theory and practice).
• Knowledge of H2S hazards, circulation losses problems, during completion, well testing, well servicing and intervention operations.
• Knowledge of logistic aspects related to on/off-shore operations.
• Knowledge of advanced completion equipments and operational techniques, with special reference to large bore/monbore completion techniques with CRA materials.
• Knowledge of safety and environmental aspects tied with well operations in cold climate and environmentally sensitive environment.
• Familiar with well testing operations and Data Acquisition systems.
• Computer literate, with the scope of producing reports, and organise/analyse well data.
• Aware of issues related to cold climate operational environment.
• Team player, capable of working with professionals from different organisations.
• Fluent in English language.

• Working Conditions:

Oil Well HP – HT Environment
• On Shore / Off Shore site with relatively low water depth implications.
• Weather temperature typical from artic area +40 C. down to -45 C.
• All related to off shore associated with HP-HT oil well like Sour & Flammable gas.

Status: Contract
Location: Offshore Kazakhstan, KAZAKHSTAN
Advert Published: 23 Dec 2014
Expiry date: 6 Jan 2015
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