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The Strange Tale of Professor CaseHole and His Missing Skills

Have you looked at your CV lately?  Does it really tell the full story? And more importantly if you have loaded your CV / Resume up to an online job board, will anyone ever find it?

I was recently demonstrating the many benefits of to a recruiter, and as a test case we searched for a very specific role that he was looking for.  It struck me that it may be useful to share this with you, and particularly if you are looking for a new job.  Having this information will enable you to put yourself in the shoes of those hiring managers and recruiters who are looking for you, and give you an insight into the database search techniques those prospective employers are using.

Missing Persons

The particular person that this recruiter was searching for was for a well paid senior job working on a global scale.   He had been asked by his client to look for someone with experience of “cased hole”, this is the metal lining which is cemented into an oil well to protect the hole from damage due to pressure, stability and fluids.  The job required someone with experience of cased hole and also wireline, a term used to describe the electric cables that are lowered into oil wells, and which normally have specialist equipment attached, enabling the transmission of monitoring data relating to pressure, temperature, flow rates etc back to the surface.

Seek and Ye Shall Find…  Hopefully

In order to find someone with these skills, we used these keywords to search the database, and came up with a surprisingly good number of results to start with of suitable candidates.  The recruiter would then start to refine the search by adding in more required skills, in this case, Sales, financial management and further specific oil and gas technical knowledge of logging and perforating.

Well, What are you Waiting for?

From the search that we performed it was quite apparent that you may well be a world renowned cased hole, wireline profit and loss manager with years of expertise in logging and perforating.  However Professor CaseHole, if you have loaded your CV up to an online job board, cast a critical eye over it now, search it yourself for those all important skills words, and then load it up like a rich fruit cake with the juicy bits that your prospective employer is looking for.  Because, without doubt if you have missed out all the vital key words relating to your area of expertise, you may be waiting a very long time for the phone call that will lead to your next job.

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