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5 Reasons You Didn’t Get the Job

Facing rejection from a job application at any stage can be really disappointing, and leave you wondering just where you went wrong.  This can be particularly frustrating for you when you don’t even get any feedback on the reasons behind your lack of success.  Rather than feeling negative, it’s important to try and turn this into an opportunity for reflection and self analysis, and most importantly a chance to improve your future performance.  So here’s 5 reasons you might have failed to land the job?

You didn’t even get an interview

Have you fallen at the first hurdle?  Did you really make sure that your CV was as sharp as it could be?  Did you reveal the uncanny similarities between your skills, experience and qualifications, and those specified in the job description and person specification, or did you leave it to the telepathic powers of the reader?  The big question here is was your application a complete waste of time, and if you didn’t really put in the leg work at this stage, the painful truth is that you probably wasted your postage stamp.  Click here for tips on making your CV the best it can be.

It’s the Little Things That Count

Perhaps consideration given to details like dress code, body language or how to close the interview might have made the difference.  There are plenty of ways you can easily blow your chances at this stage without even opening your mouth.  Think about it, every time you meet someone new you probably make snap judgements based on your first impressions which are generally visual.  Check out how to improve your interview technique here.

Fail to Prepare, Prepare to Fail

Did you fail to prepare, or think that it would be a breeze?  When asked about your knowledge of the company, did you impress with your obvious homework and enthuse about their success, growth, geographical spread, turnover, market leading position.  Remember that flattery gets you everywhere, and showing a genuine interest and admiration for their company will score big time brownie points.  Have you thought about the obvious questions, and are you able to offer concise and relevant answers?  Using the STAR technique might have helped here.

You Just Weren’t Right For One Another

Remember that the purpose of an interview is to probe deeper into your suitability for the job and the company.  On paper you are in a short list of candidates, all of whom fit the bill in one way or another.  Of course no two candidates will have identical experience and skills, and at this stage ideally the interview will uncover the closest fit, or perhaps identify extra previously unknown facts that will either work for or against you.  It’s not uncommon at this stage for either the interviewer or candidate to have a realisation that the match just isn’t right.  This can be down to anything from technical competence requirements to failure to achieve synergy in ethos, values and outlook.  Sometimes it’s just not meant to be.

On the Day You Were Beaten by a Better Man (or Woman)

Let’s do the maths.  We’ll presume for every 50 candidates who apply, 5 get to interview stage, and ultimately just one person is selected and so 49 rejected.   My maths makes that a 98% percent chance that you won’t get the job, for no other reason than you were beaten by a better candidate on the day.   A quick browse through the huge number of live vacancies on this site suggest that perhaps that well used phrase rings true: “There’s plenty more fish in the sea.”  It might sound simplistic but is probably true and often strangely comforting.

My personal eternally optimistic philosophy is that for every opportunity you miss, the ultimate reason is that an even better opportunity is just waiting round the corner.  But then I am a glass half full kind of gal!

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