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Jobsite statistics show dramatic decline amidst political instability

International jobsite for the oil and gas industry,, has expressed its concern for the Libyan market as it records a drastic decline in visits from the country. In April 2010, 4,149 visits were recorded, however in April of this year there were only 13.

In contrast, GCC countries continue to see the most activity since 2009, with the UAE recording over 40,000 visits, Saudi Arabia and Qatar both seeing over 18,000 each and Bahrain with 2,500.


Other Middle East countries currently experiencing political unrest have also been affected, but not to such a significant degree. Syria, for example, generated more than 800 visits during April, dropping from just over 1,200 the year before.


Mark Guest, managing director for voiced the company’s concern over this drastic reduction in traffic from Libya:

“To see such a drop in visits over the space of only one year is extraordinary and with only one visit recorded from Libya so far in May, this does not seem to be a situation that is going to rectify itself soon.”


“With so many workers having been moved out of the country, the industry is sitting almost stagnant and the longer this continues, the more difficult it will be to rebuild. The slow down is only highlighted further by the fact that neighbouring countries, especially those in the GCC, are showing strong growth signs and are currently experiencing periods of rapid development.” will be continuing to monitor activity in Libya, working to help its clients understand the impact on the landscape of the recruitment industry when the time is relevant.

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