The quick and easy way to the world's oil and gas jobs urges oil & gas sector to tackle the skills shortage issue

The past three years have been something of a rollercoaster for the energy sector – not just in terms of fluctuating oil and gas prices, but also with regard to hiring trends.

Improvements are however being seen across the industry. At the start of the year, – a clear barometer of industry hiring trends – experienced a record breaking one million visits in a month, a first since its launch 10 years ago. New figures show that vacancies posted in the first six months of 2011 were 50 per cent higher than for the same period in 2010, while the number of applications made in June 2011 was 60 per cent higher than in June 2010.

As a result of upturn in activity across the industry, oil and gas employers are looking to fill new positions. In August, staffing issues once again hit the headlines, with Norway-listed company, Aker Solutions announcing plans to create 500 new UK jobs over the next year in anticipation of a high future workload. Such occurrences are bringing staffing issues increasingly to the fore.

Countries in emerging and developing regions in particular are seeking to attract talent with the skills to install the appropriate infrastructures to facilitate extraction. Additionally, an increase in the number of operators venturing into new frontiers in shale gas and deep water, matched with increasing demand for LNG and the huge potential reserves identified in the likes of Colombia, Angola and the Barents Sea, brings a need for people with specific experience, particularly in the fields of specialist engineering and in the subsea sector.

Currently, demand for engineers in the industry is highest with 89,688 positions posted on so far this year. This is in contrast to more than 449,000 candidates who specified engineering as a core capability when registering online.

Many oil and gas professionals feel there is an escalating shortage of technical skills across the industry; a factor that is certain to present challenges in the future if companies do not act now to address a failure to attract, recruit and retrain a knowledgeable skills base amongst the next generation.

In August, BP regional boss Trevor Garlick announced the FTSE 100 company’s intention to recruit between 150 to 300 extra jobs per year to help fuel an expected growth in production. However, he noted that one of the biggest challenges facing the company was finding the right people with the right skills to fill vacant positions.

The negative impact of Macondo has played a role in the declining popularity of a career in the oil and gas sector. Many agree that enhancing the reputation of the oil and gas industry is the key to attracting new graduate recruits in particular, along with those on professional programmes.

There is a general consensus that a mismatch between the skills required by the industry and the actual output from universities needs to be addressed urgently, with courses of greater relevance added to academic curriculums.

This is further aggravated by the diminishing numbers of young people leaving school to pursue a career in engineering and the sciences. However, courses of this nature are not the only means by which to access a career in the oil & gas sector.

The petroleum business presents a vast variety of lucrative, well-paying career choices, including those in project management, sales, accountancy and even marketing. If companies invest more time in raising awareness of the opportunities available in the sector, then this could help to resolve future skills gaps.

As employers compete for talent, the tangible risk of skill shortages suggest that more pressure will be placed on salaries as the industry makes a concerted effort to attract the most capable individuals.

The rising demand for energy is taking exploration, production and distribution of oil and gas to tougher extremes of geography and climate and as a result the future workforce needs to be technically excellent, knowledgeable and geographically diverse; with ambition, intellect, enthusiasm, creativity and passion.

What is clear is that companies need to focus on recruitment right now; ensuring that the right talent is in the right place, for the right price.

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  • Michael

    In my town, there are jobs that have been advertised for months and remain unfilled. A recruitment agency told me that these employers are seeking highly-qualified people, and the only such people are working for majors. They are on good packages and are unlikely to jump ship unless their boss is a sadistic bully. Few seem willing to train people to satisfy their job vacancies.

  • Clive

    I get agencies constantly contacting me about unfilled vacancies in oil and gas that could use my skills. But has I have not worked in oil and gas then no one is willing to take me on. So if there is a skills shortage why are the companies not taking people from other sectors with transferable skills or training anyone?

  • Chenntouf Salah

    Please Can You Help ?
    I am a Petrochemical Engineer graduated from Bradford University, United Kingdom in 1977. My experience was first gained with the algeerian oil gas company, Sonatrach,Algeria and recently on the international level with Qatar Petroleum, and Pall Corporation, France . My career was an outstanding opportunity to combine expertise in the following activities : Business Develo?pment, Planning, Project Identification, Services & Support. As a creative & innovative professional, I had the opportunity to put ideas into actions, gaining a diversified experience includes exposure to all phases of project & a deep understanding of major issues in the Global Project Development of Capital Projects & Modification/Alteration of existing Facilities, hence helping my company to achieve our goals, grow & expand business into new arena. I am highly interested by the following positions : Project Engineer, Project Coordinator or Business Planner,

    Sincerely yours

    Mr Salah CHENNTOUF
    E-mail :
    Mobile : 213 (0)7 78 30 45 99

  • Gordon

    I have 30 years experience in the downstream sector (Marine oil terminals,undertaken repairs & maintenance, and I have worked overseas, a couple of positions were short term, just to pay the bills etc. I have transferable skills in port operations, and field managing multi million dollar pipeline projects…But at the end of the day, I have no paper qualifications, only experience. But it seems that whoever is looking to source candidates, sometimes fail to look at the background, and flexibility of an individual who could probably take on the role, and do well…
    Maybe I have the wrong train of thought here…Comments would be welcome!

  • Richard Gray

    Hi Salah,

    Do you have an account with OilCareers?

    If you register on the site, you’ll be able to request regular email alerts which will notify you when new jobs are posted which match the criteria you set as part of your registration. You’ll then also be able to apply for any roles you find on the site.

    We are an online recruitment website and as such can only provide you with the information on the roles which are available on our site – it is then down to you to apply with the recruiter directly and outline your previous experience and how you feel you are suitable for the role they have advertised.

    I hope this help with your job search – good luck!


  • Henry

    Hi Richard

    I had tried few times to registered online but always stucked at the line (Where are you currently authorised to work).
    I did just click or Control+ Click and Shift + Click but it does not move and my registeration always not successful.
    Can you send me your email adrees or create generic email address for sending my resome and cover letter for job ref.

  • luke preston

    Hey there, i am currently looking for a complete career change, i work for myself within the building trades and have had enough of never knowing when or how work is going to come, so have had enough andd would love to re-train in something more sure and long-term, i’m really hard working and could do with some advice on how to break into the oil sector, any advice please.

  • Seay O’Neill

    Just like luke, I am looking for a change in carear, Having come to the end of my Military carear I am interested in breaking into the Oil sector, I do not mind where i work or for how long. If any one can offer any advice it would be greatly recieved.

  • Unemployed

    Fed up with this fabricated claim of a skills shortage. If there is a skills shortage then explain why NONE of the employers that use this site will pay for training. 81 applications and not one callback.

  • sharif mohammed

    i would love to work for an oil company. i am very hard working and i can work for 14 hour a day if needed be . i live in the u.k and i do not have any work history in the field but i am willing to travel and learn. 07919875438

  • Daniel Tolit

    Hello everybody,Im currently looking for a change of career.I have worked most of my time in manufacturinf and constraction.For now im interested to break into Oil field job, and i dont mind what nature of job it’s and how long i may work,Im young man,fit and can bring change where needed.I would love to hear from any good friends that might connect me,
    Thanks once again.Email:

  • Daniel Collins

    Hi, im looking to get into the oil industry. Ive worked in the construction industry for 10 years and dont mind poor working conditions or hard work. I have a young family and and dont mind working all the hours god sends! however every roustabout job ive looked at says you need experience. If anyone can tell me how to get this experience that would be great. Im very keen to learn and will do whatever it takes. 07791933859. Cheers

  • shyam vaswani

    Hi Richard

    I am in the banking sector and, like my fellow mates here like Danny and Daniel, I am keen to make a career change to the offshore marine industry.

    Could anyone advise how we should proceed? I dont see any responses her to my fellow mates requests above. My email is

    Thanks and best regards

  • kelvin johnson

    hi, im also looking to get into the oil industry. but i dont no the best way to go about this. im very interested in this type of work. i have a family etc. im a hard worker and always willing to learn new skills. i have no problem travelling or working away as i have done befor.
    i would be grateful if someone could contact me with the relavent informatio that i need to go about this. i will do what ever takes to get this under way.

  • http://oilcarreer Ernest

    very intesrested in working, I am a civil engineer, I am afrid of web offerts because a lot of scams.
    Anybody has yet found a job through this webpage and got a job? Let me know and I would like to know who are you wrking with

  • Richard Gray

    Hi everyone & thanks for contributing. For everyone looking to get into the Oil & Gas industry, there are a few details on OilCareers which you may or may not have come across which can be accessed by clicking here:

    Alternatively, I suggest you look at some training organisations and websites such as OPITO who will have more information about working in the industry and the sorts of training and qualifications you will need.

    I’d also suggest keeping an eye on these blog pages for some interesting developments over the next few months.

    Kind regards,


  • Josh

    Hi!I am from hungary and i would like to get a job.
    Can somebody tell me how can i get a job onshore,or offshore.I registered some job search site and i sent my cv.I would like to be a driller or something around this job.Where i should start.

  • Josh

    Or you can send me an e-mail to

  • Richard Gray

    Hi Josh,

    I posted a link to more information earlier on this discussion, that is the best point for you to start off if you’re looking to get into Oil & Gas. I’d also encourage you to register on OilCareers with a view to signing up for email alerts. You can register here:

    As a job board we cannot specifically put you up for vacancies, but we’d welcome you to search and apply for any job roles you think you’d be suitable for.

    Kind regards


  • Sohail

    hi……i am a process engineer having more than 4.5 years of work exp in Oil & gas design.
    Let me know if you have any suitable vacancy for me.

  • Scott

    Im brand new to this industry wanting to make a career change. What training or general information would be good for a newbie to start with. Where to begin??

  • Daniel

    Hi anybody have help hand for me or just little push for work on oil rig.Am have BOSIET ,MIST .and medical stuff already …thanks

  • ally

    i passed all my offshore stuff in november and as yet had a couple of no from employers as i dont have any experience ,so how you ment to get any if they wont start you ,thing is i have worked in building all my life ,with a back ground in scaffolding aswel,which would be relevant work and yet i know guys that have been postmen and got a start ,very strange.

  • Albert George

    Thank you for sharing this information.
    It will really helpful to solve my confusion

    Heathrow Medical Services


    I’m currently working in a banking industry, but i want to change my career to oil and gas, any country, but it seems my application is below requirements. as HND Graduate.
    Can any oil and gas companies make my dream come true.

    Adeyeye Isaac

  • Symptome Herzinfarkt

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  • apirie


    for those looking for work, I would urge you to register for a candidate account with us, once you have done this you can upload your CV and apply directly online for positions suitable to you. For more help on this please e-mail

  • Ashleigh Pirie


    I would advise you to take a look at our Training page on – we have a list of training providers that you could contact for more information on types of courses you could participate in.

    For more information, please contact

    Many thanks


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