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There was more good news for oil and gas jobs this week, when the Lloyds Bank Corporate Markets report Oil and Gas: Rising Fortunes said that thousands of jobs would be created in the industry over the next two years.

The report comes on the back of a number of new finds and also the redevelopment of existing fields, which will require highly trained and skilled personnel, bringing us right back round to what is considered the energy sector’s Achilles’ heel – finding and retaining skilled people.

While industry mulls over the problem, for those looking to progress their career and perhaps secure one of these new positions, now is the time to optimise your visibility. Many recruiters will already be looking for potential candidates – and for some people the job that finds them is ultimately their best one.

Taking some simple steps, such as logging on to your account will immediately make you more visible to recruiters using the jobs board and increase the chance of landing your next job without even having to look too hard.

Strengthen this even more by uploading your current CV, as this may also help you stand out from the crowd.

You can become even more attractive to potential employers by ensuring that your LinkedIn profile is also up to date (why not also check out the OilCareers LinkedIn Group). While this is the most commonly used business-focused social media channel, future employers may also check out your Facebook and Twitter feeds so be sensible with them!

If you are just starting out, or looking to improve your skills in line with these latest developments, there are many avenues where you can get help and advice. Industry organisations such as Oil and Gas UK or representative bodies including the International Association of Drilling Contractors or International Marine Contractors Association provide valuable information on how to ensure you are prepared for your next move.

So don’t wait around. If you think it is time to move or have a particular career path in mind, refresh your account today and you may even discover that your new job finds you first!

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    Hi how can i do to be more attractive to portential employers

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    i am intrested in getting into the oilfield i would like to find out more information about doing so i am kinda lost if you could email me back i would appreciate it thank you

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    world changes so quickly we just never know hey.

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