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OPITO to launch new Oil & Gas Career information site

OPITO’s new careers website has arrived at the right time.

Live today, the site is a one-stop-shop for information on careers within the oil and gas industry. Its launch follows a period of huge cut-backs in the public sector which have – according to the Institute of Career Guidance – rendered careers advice services virtually extinct (The Guardian, December 2011). is aimed at anyone looking to find out more about entry routes into the sector and details the breadth of careers available. As well as providing information on training and development; the site offers a range of education tools suitable for primary and secondary school children as well as an ‘ask a professional page’ which allows users to post a question to be answered by an industry representative within 5 working days.

Information on what it’s really like to work in oil and gas (both onshore and offshore) is provided by industry employees – ensuring the site is informed by those who have first-hand experience of working in the sector.

The ‘Future First Survey’ shows 60% of young people choose career advice, work experience or employment skills as issues the education sector should focus on to better prepare students for future careers. This illustrates the vital service will play in opening up the wealth of opportunities available to job seekers of all age groups.

If you are keen to start exploring your future and planning your pathway into oil and gas, log on to to begin your journey.

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  • Mike

    Indeed the new website has arrived on time, I like the part that provides information on training and development. Its a good website and user friendly, easiy to navigate. Good job.

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