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Is your CV letting you down?


New Year, New Job

It’s the New Year and many of you will have finding a new job or career at the top of your New Year’s resolutions list but aren’t sure how to go about it.  OilCareers are here to help you whip your CV into shape.

Keep it simple

Unless the position you are applying for requires a portfolio of work, keep your CV simple.  The most important part of your CV should be emphasized such as work experience, education and qualifications using subtle formatting and colours.  Make sure your CV is consistent throughout using the same fonts and spacing.

Market yourself

Avoid using a boring list of jobs and duties and instead highlight your achievements within certain roles and projects.  Discuss the obstacles in these positions and how you overcame them, this is your chance to shine and stand out from the other 50 CVs the company has received.  Explain to your potential employer why you would bring value to the company, set out your skills and qualities.

Be honest

Always be honest in your CV – you will soon be found out otherwise.  Keep your CV current and relevant.  If you are studying a course note down your expected completion date and grade your experience for example beginner, intermediate, experienced.


Send your CV from a formal email address usually  Avoid using your current work email address or worse the one you set up when you were 15 years old.  You should include your contact details on your CV and if appropriate a link to one of your social media profiles.

Always proof read

We cannot stress enough how important it is to proof read your CV before emailing it to your potential employer.  Spelling and grammatical errors has a 99% chance of being tossed into the bin, so take your time.  Once you have read and re-read your CV ask a relative or friend to read it once again.

Start your job hunt now by visiting out Job Search Page!

Best of luck on your job search,

Ashleigh Pirie

Marketing Assistant

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Begin your new career with

You’ve made the decision to further your career.  Now it’s time to start the job hunt.  If you are reading this blog you have landed in the right place! has thousands of live vacancies within the oil and gas sector – the key is knowing how to search for them.


To begin your search visit the Job Search page.  Select the category that most interests you and to ensure you see the most relevant jobs you should also select a sub-category and if appropriate a relevant region. Once these sections have been selected, click search.


You can narrow down your job search further within the Job Search page by entering keywords, or specific cities in the specified field.  If you are looking for a specific job type such as contract, staff or part-time positions you can select this from the drop down box.  To specify how the vacancies are listed, you can specify from the ‘Order By’ drop down box.


Found your dream job? It’s now time to apply.  You will have to register for an account with – registering is free, quick and simple!  Click here to register. Registration will only take a few moments, but if you have any problems please contact the office and we will be happy to guide you through the process.


When registering, the second section – Your Skills, is a crucial part to finding your next job! We recommend that you choose as many primary and secondary skills as you can. Within your account you can sign up to job alerts and have the system send you new jobs that match your criteria. The skills you select will ensure that the correct job alerts are emailed to you.


Don’t miss out on potential job opportunities – register your CV/resume today!

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Job Hunting Made Easy

In my last blog I discussed the importance of making it easy for a recruiter to select your CV for their shortlist to send to their client, and hopefully your future employer.

In this piece I’m going to share a few insider tips on how you can improve your hit rate in some very simple ways.

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Is your CV working for or against you?

Have you registered your CV with an online job board?  If you have, congratulations!  It’s probably the best way to find a job in this digital era.   The days of ‘situations vacant’ in printed media are quickly becoming ancient history, and the online job board CV database is now the talent spotting ground of choice for employers and recruiters.

Here is the good news:  your resume will most likely be picked up by recruiters who make their money by finding and placing suitable candidates for their clients.  So, all you need to do is to register your CV, sit back and dream of your next job, wait for the phone to ring, no more scouring the net, papers or journals for jobs, no fee to pay the recruitment company, it couldn’t be easier, could it?

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5 Reasons You Didn’t Get the Job

Facing rejection from a job application at any stage can be really disappointing, and leave you wondering just where you went wrong.  This can be particularly frustrating for you when you don’t even get any feedback on the reasons behind your lack of success.  Rather than feeling negative, it’s important to try and turn this into an opportunity for reflection and self analysis, and most importantly a chance to improve your future performance.  So here’s 5 reasons you might have failed to land the job?

You didn’t even get an interview

Have you fallen at the first hurdle?  Did you really make sure that your CV was as sharp as it could be?  Did you reveal the uncanny similarities between your skills, experience and qualifications, and those specified in the job description and person specification, or did you leave it to the telepathic powers of the reader?  The big question here is was your application a complete waste of time, and if you didn’t really put in the leg work at this stage, the painful truth is that you probably wasted your postage stamp.  Click here for tips on making your CV the best it can be.

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Revealed, How to Predict the Winning Lottery Numbers. Guaranteed.

Have you dreamt of winning the lottery?  Thought about what you would spend a million on? Imagined what your reaction would be on checking the lottery numbers and finding out you have won the jackpot?  Daydreamed about that phone call to your boss?  Read on, and I’m going to reveal to you here and now a sure fire way of predicting the winning numbers so that you can fulfil all your dreams…

The Secret Revealed

OK, so having captured your attention I’m now going to state the obvious.  There is no way to predict the lottery numbers, in fact if there was and I knew it, I wouldn’t be sitting here sharing it with you, I would probably be on a yacht somewhere in the Caribbean.   The purpose of tricking you into reading this far is to demonstrate the point I want to make to all you job hunters out there, who have carefully crafted your CV and are sitting waiting for the phone call that will lead to your next job.

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Questions you should ask at interview

You’ve probably experienced that classic moment at the end of the interview where your interviewer asks you that final question:  “Do you have any questions for us?”  This can result in an uncomfortable shuffle in the chair and the standard reply, “No, I think you’ve covered everything.”  How much better would the end of your interview be if you could produce a couple of searching and conversation stimulating questions to top off your performance?   Questions which could really make the difference and leave a lasting positive impression in the mind of your interviewer.

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The Strange Tale of Professor CaseHole and His Missing Skills

Have you looked at your CV lately?  Does it really tell the full story? And more importantly if you have loaded your CV / Resume up to an online job board, will anyone ever find it?

I was recently demonstrating the many benefits of to a recruiter, and as a test case we searched for a very specific role that he was looking for.  It struck me that it may be useful to share this with you, and particularly if you are looking for a new job.  Having this information will enable you to put yourself in the shoes of those hiring managers and recruiters who are looking for you, and give you an insight into the database search techniques those prospective employers are using.

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Dating tips for job seekers!

Now I have your attention, I am going to immediately disappoint those of you who were hoping for hot advice on how to meet the man / woman of your dreams! However, stick with me dear reader as I may have useful advice for you anyway, and as a bonus I will include a nugget of relationship advice right at the end to reward your perseverance.

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How to write a graduate CV

In another blog I have written about the optimum length of a CV for those with plenty of experience. However, I am often asked by University leavers to answer the question of how many pages a graduate CV should be?

Surprisingly the answer is almost the same – 2 or 3 pages. If you are a fresh graduate and have a CV any longer than that, then I would stake my lottery winnings* on you having included too many paragraphs about your team work and customer service skills developed while working part time in your local cafe, or detailing all your swimming badges gained while at Junior school.

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