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Dating tips for job seekers!

Now I have your attention, I am going to immediately disappoint those of you who were hoping for hot advice on how to meet the man / woman of your dreams! However, stick with me dear reader as I may have useful advice for you anyway, and as a bonus I will include a nugget of relationship advice right at the end to reward your perseverance.

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| More Nominated for 2011 OnRec Industry Awards

We are delighted to announce that OilCareers has been nominated for two separate categories at the 2011 UK OnRec Industry Awards.

These are the first award nominations we’ve received and top off what was a very productive year following  our growth to exceeding 780,000 specialist Oil and Gas job seekers who between them have uploaded 480,000 CVs/Resumes.  2010 also saw our successful expansion into new territories with the opening of a new office in Houston, serving our clients in N. America.

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How to write a graduate CV

In another blog I have written about the optimum length of a CV for those with plenty of experience. However, I am often asked by University leavers to answer the question of how many pages a graduate CV should be?

Surprisingly the answer is almost the same – 2 or 3 pages. If you are a fresh graduate and have a CV any longer than that, then I would stake my lottery winnings* on you having included too many paragraphs about your team work and customer service skills developed while working part time in your local cafe, or detailing all your swimming badges gained while at Junior school.

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Should you alter your CV for an online job board?

You may have used an online job board to try and find your next role in the world of Oil & Gas, the chances are that’s how you’ve landed on this page.    I want to give you a few reasons that you might like to take a critical look at your current CV/Resume and decide if you need to change it for posting on an online job board.

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| More introduces 2011 oil and gas industry hiring outlook, the international job board for the oil and gas industry, is encouraging recruiters and candidates to approach 2011 with “guarded optimism” following the release of its latest white paper.


The paper, titled “The 2011 Oil and Gas Industry Hiring Outlook,” is available for free download. Highlighting the major trends from 2008 to 2010 and what they mean for 2011 industry hiring, the report describes the effect the global downturn has had on international oil and gas sector jobs and identifies growth opportunities in niche areas such as geoscience, marine/diving/ROV, management and IT.


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OilCareers Global Promotional Campaign Continues with $1m Investment

Following on from the successful launch of our US office in February 2010, are delighted to announce the continuation of our targeted promotional campaign focusing on the main oil and gas hubs across the globe.

In excess of $1m US dollars will be invested in the next year to further enhance the awareness of OilCareers with oil and gas job seekers.

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| More appoints new MD today announces the appointment of Mark Guest as Managing Director. He has been recruited with a responsibility for driving UK and international growth, building relationships with the wider DMGT (Daily Mail and General Trust) group and investigating new opportunities.

Guest joins from a Company Director role at AVC PR Partnership where he spent the last fourteen years developing extensive knowledge of the oil and gas industry from working with operators and service companies in the UK and internationally.
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