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ADIPEC: Another roaring success





This week we have been exhibiting at the Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference also known as ADIPEC which is held at ADNEC – the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre.  The event is normally held every two years but for the first time in history the event moved to an annual show.


ADIPEC 2013 has been the most successful year for the event which has welcomed over 55,000 visitors. The event was spread across four days and hosted over 50 technical sessions from more than 300 speakers.  In attendance included our own Chairman of DMGT, Lord Rothermere and Prince Andrew, the British Duke of York.


The Middle Eastern oil and gas industry is still highly dependent on foreign workers with over half of the industry’s labour force coming from the expatriate community according to our latest research.

The research, conducted by leading Oil and Gas analysts Douglas-Westwood, indicates that the trend is unlikely to change in the short to medium term as the region looks to meet project demand, despite various educational initiatives by the UAE to increase the proportion of nationals entering the private sector.


Our booth was part of the DMG Energy Pavilion #7234, we welcomed hundreds of visitors who were keen to hear more about the Oil and Gas industry and how OilCareers can help them further in their career.  The event was also an excellent opportunity to meet face to face with our clients in the Middle East.

This year we featured a golfing competition on our booth and our lucky winner has won a weekend trip for two to the Yas Viceroy Resort in Abu Dhabi with breakfast, dinner and a round of golf at Yas Links Golf Course.   We hope you enjoy your prize!

We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who made our time at ADIPEC a memorable one!

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Training and Development: The Battleground for Attracting and Retaining Top Talent in the Oil and Gas Industry

Guest blog By: Don Shoultz, Head of Upstream Learning and Development, BP

Over the next 20 years, global energy growth is expected to be dominated by emerging economies, with primary energy use growing by nearly 40 percent*. As a result, the exploration and production (E&P) industry will be tasked with accessing hydrocarbons in new, more challenging frontiers. These challenges will require increased skills, capabilities and technologies across the world; meeting them starts with a disciplined, methodical and long-term learning and development plan.


Along with the steadily increasing global energy demand and fierce competition for talent among the region’s oil and gas industry sector employers, there are three additional factors driving the demand for progressive learning and development programs:

  • Experienced professionals are retiring and being replaced by younger, less experienced hires;
  • The complexity of the resource plays being explored and the rapidly changing portfolio of technology required to enable production; and
  • Nationalisation requires a new orientation to how the oil and gas industry engages and develops employees.


Bridging the Talent Gap

A sense of concern across the industry stems from the need to attract, retain, train and develop talent. A recent BP-sponsored Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) Survey revealed an industry-wide desire for training.


Three-quarters (74.6 percent) of the survey’s participants stated that access to training and development programs is pivotal in their choice of role, and more than half (53.3 percent) said a lack of opportunities would be enough for them to consider leaving.


Fortunately, the industry is taking deliberate steps to close the talent gap while aligning and accelerating all areas of development.


Embracing New Ways of Learning

E&P becomes more complex each day, and the technology used by petro-technical experts continues to evolve at a rapid pace.


Considering 86 percent of all respondents said starting a career in oil and gas requires training, such development programs address a pressing need to cultivate and enhance deep geoscience and engineering capabilities.


Additionally, the data showed business skills are critical factors for career development and advancement. A holistic training and development program will enhance not just the way employees do their jobs, but ways in which they collaborate.


The complexity of work also creates the need to change the way we define “success” in learning and development. Gone are the traditional “transactional” means of measuring the number of classroom attendees or passing grades. At BP, we measure learning and development in terms of business impact and performance metrics.


Unlocking potential requires a blend of formal classroom training, on-the-job training, experiential learning and purposeful mentoring. Bearing in mind that 25 percent of respondents felt a lack of training is detrimental to their careers, we should continue to strengthen uniform standards, centering on a holistic and performance-based approach to learning and development across companies, organizations, universities and borders. The result: enhanced capabilities for the entire sector.


Focus on Emerging Markets and Building Global Capability

Every year, the E&P segment expands its geographic reach with new resource holders. As our scope of work expands in both complexity and geography, we seek to develop high-performing national employees through partnerships with National Oil Companies.


For example, major oil companies have historically partnered with in-country universities to better equip them with the knowledge, technology and expat expertise that are required for today’s workforce. Enhanced consistency will enrich the quality and depth of the education at universities in various emerging regions. We should seek more uniform standards and closer collaboration with universities to support focused, regional learning and development programs.


This broad collaboration with governments, resource holders and universities not only stimulates the local economy, but demonstrates a commitment to the areas in which the major oil companies operate. Together, we are better able to foster and encourage diversity of thought and workforce within the industry.


Nurturing talent and having an engaged workforce is a key to the oil and gas industry’s competitive advantage in the battle for talent. The challenge is to position E&P as the industry of choice by maximizing capability in established and emerging regions, increasing diversity and creating compelling long-term career paths built on life-long learning. Applying a long-term approach to employee development helps to strengthen continuity in the competencies, skills and, most importantly, performance needed for this vital industry to not just endure, but to thrive.


*BP Energy Outlook 2030

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Our first LAGCOE experience exhibited for the first time at LAGCOE 2013.  The event took place at the Cajundome on the 22-24 October in Lafayette, Louisiana. 


The exhibition and conference has been a roaring success which welcomed hundreds of exhibiting companies from around the world.  The Careers Fair which we are very proud to have sponsored was well attended; it was a pleasure to meet lots of highly qualified candidates. 


Joe Jones, Business Development Executive for gave a very well received presentation on employment in the Gulf of Mexico.  He said: “The US is on course for energy independence with unconventionals and increased offshore exploration and production leading the charge.  Drilling activity in the Gulf of Mexico has increased dramatically over the past 12 months with current rates hinting that by this time next year there could be up to 54 deep water semi submersibles and drillships working in the region.” 


According to Joe the increase in activity can be attributed two main factors.  “Technological advances which enable drilling at extreme depths and temperatures have revolutionized the process by which oil is extracted in the region.”


Did you attend LAGCOE 2013?  We would like to hear your opinion.

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