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Oil & Gas Employment Fair, Aberdeen is proud to continue supporting employers in their search and for the second year running we will be exhibiting at the Oil & Gas Employment Fair for British Armed Forces.  The event which is organised by the Forces Employment Fair aims to attract fresh talent to the Oil and Gas industry through the use of candidate’s transferable skills.  The event takes place at the Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre and will open its doors at 10:00am on the 30January 2014 in Aberdeen.

The Oil & Gas Employment Fair provides the perfect opportunity to bring together candidates and recruiters to meet face to face, find jobs, access self-employment opportunities, enrol in training schemes and build their network for future opportunities.

The exhibition aims to provide service leavers with information and job opportunities within the Oil and Gas industry where they can use their transferrable skills which are highly in demand.  Entrance to the event is free and you should register in advance.  Don’t miss out on vital opportunities to further your career; register to attend the Oil & Gas Employment Fair event on the Forces Employment Fair website. connects candidates with hundreds of Oil and Gas companies and recruiters who use our job board to host their vacancies and search for candidates.  We have over 18,000 new jobs posted every month from around the world, to apply all you need to do is register for a FREE account, upload your CV and apply directly online!

We look forward to meeting you at the end of the month!

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Top 5 questions to ask in a job interview


It’s the end of the interview and you’re asked “do you have any questions for us?”  This is your chance to stand out from the competition.  If you ask too few questions it will look like you haven’t properly researched the company which gives the impression that you are not really interested in the position.  If you ask too many questions this can be annoying; make sure you have several good questions prepared.


1.       Do you think I am the right person for this role?

If you want this job, it is important to ask this question.  Hopefully there won’t be any concerns, but it is important to show the interviewer your interest and that you are more than capable of meeting the job spec.

2.       What will be my biggest challenge?

Asking this question shows that you like to be prepared to meet the expectations which come with the job.

3.       What are the three most important skills needed to excel in this position?

With every position there is a set amount of skills required to do well. If you need to be highly organised, is this an area you struggle in, if so can you improve?

4.       Does the company offer professional training?

If training and professional development is important to you, make sure this is available in your new role.

5.       What systems do you have in place?

You will need to make sure that their current systems are adequate for you to fulfil your role within the company.  If they aren’t, find out if they are open to new suggestions of systems you have used in the past and know will work well.  This will show that you are proactive and know when to use your initiative.


What not to ask?

Your salary – you should want the job because it will excite and motivate you, yes the salary is important but it shouldn’t be the sole decision.  Wait for them to bring it up.

You should make sure that any questions you do ask has not already been covered. You want to make a good lasting impression, not a poor one which shows you don’t listen.


Good luck!

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5 Reasons You Didn’t Get the Job

Facing rejection from a job application at any stage can be really disappointing, and leave you wondering just where you went wrong.  This can be particularly frustrating for you when you don’t even get any feedback on the reasons behind your lack of success.  Rather than feeling negative, it’s important to try and turn this into an opportunity for reflection and self analysis, and most importantly a chance to improve your future performance.  So here’s 5 reasons you might have failed to land the job?

You didn’t even get an interview

Have you fallen at the first hurdle?  Did you really make sure that your CV was as sharp as it could be?  Did you reveal the uncanny similarities between your skills, experience and qualifications, and those specified in the job description and person specification, or did you leave it to the telepathic powers of the reader?  The big question here is was your application a complete waste of time, and if you didn’t really put in the leg work at this stage, the painful truth is that you probably wasted your postage stamp.  Click here for tips on making your CV the best it can be.

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