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CV Checker is very proud to be the new selected professional CV writing partner for

When you commission CV Checker to write your CV, you will receive a dedicated service from our most appropriate consultant who is highly qualified with significant expertise within Oil and Gas. They will conduct an in-depth telephone consultation or ask you to complete our comprehensive skills probe form in order to establish your future career aspirations, qualify and quantify your achievements, create your core competencies, highlight your transferable skills and make your CV keyword effective. We do not use templates, or cut and paste when producing your CV; it is a unique and extremely important document that we know you will be proud of. Your new document will be tailored to your target audience and salary expectations within five working days.

A professionally written, powerfully worded and easy to read CV will tell the reader what they need to know, quickly and succinctly. Your CV is the most valuable document you can own – CV Checker can provide you with that document.

Please read some of our recent fantastic statistics;

Within 4 weeks, 91% of our clients had a new job offer

29% of our clients increase their salaries by 25% after using our services

Why not come and have a taster session and speak to a consultant for our free CV review service to get your CV checked for the January job rush?  Click here for your free review.

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Is your CV working for or against you?

Have you registered your CV with an online job board?  If you have, congratulations!  It’s probably the best way to find a job in this digital era.   The days of ‘situations vacant’ in printed media are quickly becoming ancient history, and the online job board CV database is now the talent spotting ground of choice for employers and recruiters.

Here is the good news:  your resume will most likely be picked up by recruiters who make their money by finding and placing suitable candidates for their clients.  So, all you need to do is to register your CV, sit back and dream of your next job, wait for the phone to ring, no more scouring the net, papers or journals for jobs, no fee to pay the recruitment company, it couldn’t be easier, could it?

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Dating tips for job seekers!

Now I have your attention, I am going to immediately disappoint those of you who were hoping for hot advice on how to meet the man / woman of your dreams! However, stick with me dear reader as I may have useful advice for you anyway, and as a bonus I will include a nugget of relationship advice right at the end to reward your perseverance.

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How many pages should a CV be?

(A highly unscientific experiment to discover the optimum length of your Resume if you have loads of experience)


I am often asked what is the ideal length of a CV / Resume? Many people looking for jobs have heard that 2 pages is the maximum length a CV should be, whereas other more experienced candidates who may have 20 years work experience wonder how they can squeeze all that knowledge and experience into a two page document.

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Should you alter your CV for an online job board?

You may have used an online job board to try and find your next role in the world of Oil & Gas, the chances are that’s how you’ve landed on this page.    I want to give you a few reasons that you might like to take a critical look at your current CV/Resume and decide if you need to change it for posting on an online job board.

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