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Job Hunting Made Easy

In my last blog I discussed the importance of making it easy for a recruiter to select your CV for their shortlist to send to their client, and hopefully your future employer.

In this piece I’m going to share a few insider tips on how you can improve your hit rate in some very simple ways.

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The Strange Tale of Professor CaseHole and His Missing Skills

Have you looked at your CV lately?  Does it really tell the full story? And more importantly if you have loaded your CV / Resume up to an online job board, will anyone ever find it?

I was recently demonstrating the many benefits of to a recruiter, and as a test case we searched for a very specific role that he was looking for.  It struck me that it may be useful to share this with you, and particularly if you are looking for a new job.  Having this information will enable you to put yourself in the shoes of those hiring managers and recruiters who are looking for you, and give you an insight into the database search techniques those prospective employers are using.

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Should you alter your CV for an online job board?

You may have used an online job board to try and find your next role in the world of Oil & Gas, the chances are that’s how you’ve landed on this page.    I want to give you a few reasons that you might like to take a critical look at your current CV/Resume and decide if you need to change it for posting on an online job board.

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