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Engineering Jobs urges oil & gas sector to tackle the skills shortage issue

The past three years have been something of a rollercoaster for the energy sector – not just in terms of fluctuating oil and gas prices, but also with regard to hiring trends.

Improvements are however being seen across the industry. At the start of the year, – a clear barometer of industry hiring trends – experienced a record breaking one million visits in a month, a first since its launch 10 years ago. New figures show that vacancies posted in the first six months of 2011 were 50 per cent higher than for the same period in 2010, while the number of applications made in June 2011 was 60 per cent higher than in June 2010.

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5 Reasons You Didn’t Get the Job

Facing rejection from a job application at any stage can be really disappointing, and leave you wondering just where you went wrong.  This can be particularly frustrating for you when you don’t even get any feedback on the reasons behind your lack of success.  Rather than feeling negative, it’s important to try and turn this into an opportunity for reflection and self analysis, and most importantly a chance to improve your future performance.  So here’s 5 reasons you might have failed to land the job?

You didn’t even get an interview

Have you fallen at the first hurdle?  Did you really make sure that your CV was as sharp as it could be?  Did you reveal the uncanny similarities between your skills, experience and qualifications, and those specified in the job description and person specification, or did you leave it to the telepathic powers of the reader?  The big question here is was your application a complete waste of time, and if you didn’t really put in the leg work at this stage, the painful truth is that you probably wasted your postage stamp.  Click here for tips on making your CV the best it can be.

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A career in engineering? The ‘WIFM’ question.

Every year, in every generation thousands of school students make career and course choices. We are undoubtedly faced with a dramatic shortage of skilled engineering and technical workers in the UK, and with increasing demands on energy supplies this lack of talent will only become more acute.

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Should you alter your CV for an online job board?

You may have used an online job board to try and find your next role in the world of Oil & Gas, the chances are that’s how you’ve landed on this page.    I want to give you a few reasons that you might like to take a critical look at your current CV/Resume and decide if you need to change it for posting on an online job board.

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Careers Advice for job seekers leaving the Armed Services

I was recently asked for some careers advice by an armed services leaver, who doubted his ability to find work outside of the army.  He had recently left the armed forces and was looking for a job with an engineering company, his problem was that he just couldn’t see the relevance of his uniformed skills and qualifications, he even described his services qualifications as “worthless”.  I have spent a number of years working in Engineering recruitment, and now work for the leading online job board for the oil and gas sector –   I offered this career change advice, and also include it here in the hope that might be useful for any ex-services people looking for their next career move.

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