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Revealed, How to Predict the Winning Lottery Numbers. Guaranteed.

Have you dreamt of winning the lottery?  Thought about what you would spend a million on? Imagined what your reaction would be on checking the lottery numbers and finding out you have won the jackpot?  Daydreamed about that phone call to your boss?  Read on, and I’m going to reveal to you here and now a sure fire way of predicting the winning numbers so that you can fulfil all your dreams…

The Secret Revealed

OK, so having captured your attention I’m now going to state the obvious.  There is no way to predict the lottery numbers, in fact if there was and I knew it, I wouldn’t be sitting here sharing it with you, I would probably be on a yacht somewhere in the Caribbean.   The purpose of tricking you into reading this far is to demonstrate the point I want to make to all you job hunters out there, who have carefully crafted your CV and are sitting waiting for the phone call that will lead to your next job.

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