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Visit us at the Offshore Technology Conference 2014



The Offshore Technology Conference 2014 is just around the corner and we are thrilled to announce that we will be exhibiting with an interactive booth which is set to top last years!   The annual exhibition and conference takes place during the 5 – 8 May at the Reliant Park in Houston, Texas. is giving one lucky visitor the chance to win four Main Grandstand Trackside Weekend Tickets to the 2014 Austin Grand Prix.   Don’t miss your chance to win a Grand Prix experience of a lifetime by visiting us on Booth #2341-B at OTC 2014.


OTC is one of the world’s biggest oil and gas conference’s held for the development of offshore resources in the fields of drilling, exploration, production, and environmental protection.  The exhibition attracts over 90,000 professionals from over 120 countries.


If you have not already done so don’t forget to register for your FREE account on and upload your Resume in order to apply for jobs directly online.


We look forward to meeting you next month.

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Australasian Oil and Gas Exhibition & Conference

Following on from last year’s successful Australasian Oil and Gas Exhibition & Conference, we are delighted to be exhibiting again at AOG 2014 and we are the proud sponsors of the AOG shuttle bus and car park. The event which is held at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre will open its doors to welcome thousands of Oil and Gas industry professionals on the 19-21 February 2014.

AOG is the largest Oil and Gas exhibition in Australasia and provides the perfect opportunity for Oil and Gas industry professional to meet face-to-face with potential employers, service providers, engineers, technical professionals and suppliers.

During AOG 2013 the event welcomed over 505 exhibitors from over 43 countries and saw over 10,500 Oil and Gas visitors throughout the exhibition and conference. This year the exhibition is set to top 2013 following three new zones for Australian Industry, Non-Destructive Testing & Condition Monitoring and Instrumentation Control and Automation Zone.

If you visit our booth #9 we are giving one lucky winner the chance to win a driving experience for four including an overnight stay, dinner and breakfast.  To enter the competition, visit the OilCareers driving range at booth #9 and take part in our F1 Racing Simulator competition!

Get ahead of the race, register and upload your CV on to apply for jobs directly online. provides the gateway to connect with hundreds of Oil and Gas companies, we have over 18,000 new jobs posted every month from around the world; find your dream job on!

Don’t miss out on vital opportunities, register to attend AOG 2014 and visit our booth #9.

We look forward to seeing you next month!

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Oil & Gas Employment Fair, Aberdeen is proud to continue supporting employers in their search and for the second year running we will be exhibiting at the Oil & Gas Employment Fair for British Armed Forces.  The event which is organised by the Forces Employment Fair aims to attract fresh talent to the Oil and Gas industry through the use of candidate’s transferable skills.  The event takes place at the Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre and will open its doors at 10:00am on the 30January 2014 in Aberdeen.

The Oil & Gas Employment Fair provides the perfect opportunity to bring together candidates and recruiters to meet face to face, find jobs, access self-employment opportunities, enrol in training schemes and build their network for future opportunities.

The exhibition aims to provide service leavers with information and job opportunities within the Oil and Gas industry where they can use their transferrable skills which are highly in demand.  Entrance to the event is free and you should register in advance.  Don’t miss out on vital opportunities to further your career; register to attend the Oil & Gas Employment Fair event on the Forces Employment Fair website. connects candidates with hundreds of Oil and Gas companies and recruiters who use our job board to host their vacancies and search for candidates.  We have over 18,000 new jobs posted every month from around the world, to apply all you need to do is register for a FREE account, upload your CV and apply directly online!

We look forward to meeting you at the end of the month!

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Shale gas development to create thousands of jobs

A new report released last Wednesday by the Institute of Directors has indicated that the shale gas development could create thousands of jobs, reduce imports, generate significant tax revenue and support British manufacturing.

The report Getting shale gas working, supports the view that shale gas will be both economic and environmentally beneficial.

Colin Taylor who is the Senior Economic Advisor at the IoD and author of the report said:

“Shale gas could be a new North Sea for Britain, creating tens of thousands of jobs, supporting our manufacturers and reducing gas imports. Further exploration will be needed to assess the size of technically and commercially recoverable resources. At the same time, partnerships need to be established between industry, government and communities to ensure that development of this vital national resource benefits local people.”

The IoD report claims that:


  • Investment in shale gas could peak at £3.7 billion a year which would support 74,000 jobs.  This would allow jobs to be created in parts of the country, such as the North-West which has been badly hit by the recession.
  • Shale gas will not only support geologist and drilling specialists but also construction workers, cement manufacturers and people working in local retail and service industries.  The report also claims that shale gas could support the chemical industry and wider manufacturing.
  • Shale gas production could generate significant tax revenue.
  • By 2030, shale gas production could reduce gas imports by up to 37%.


The IoD findings claim that global emissions will also be lower if the shale gas supports the production of chemicals and other goods in the UK.

Read the full report here.

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Preparing for your future

Life expectancy in the UK is increasing however many of us are saving less into pensions.  Last October, the government introduced workplace pensions and most individuals will be automatically enrolled.  Am I automatically enrolled?

If you were enrolled you, you’re employer and the government will pay into it.  Having a workplace pension makes saving easier and will allow you to keep living the same standard of life when you retire. 

If you opted out of the workplace pension do you have a plan b? It’s never too early to start thinking about your retirement.

Here’s how the workplace pension works;

  • Every payday a percentage of your pay is automatically put into the pension scheme for you.
  • There are 2 main types of workplaces pensions;


1.       Defined contribution pension schemes

Your employer will chose which pension provider to invest your money into.  When you retire, the amount you receive will depend on:

  • How much has been paid in
  • How long you’ve been paying in
  • How well the investment has done

Nearer the retirement age, the pension provider generally moves your money into lower-risk investments; if this is not done automatically you can ask your pension provider for more details. 


2.       Defined benefit pension schemes

These pensions are also known as ‘final salary’ or ‘salary-related’ pensions.  These pensions will give you a certain amount each year when you retire, the amount doesn’t depend on investments.

How much you get will depend on how long you have worked for your employer and your salary, the pension scheme administrator can give you more information.

  • You pay a percentage of your earnings into the scheme, your employer will also contribute and the government will give you tax relief.  Saving couldn’t be easier!


So, if you have opted out of the workplace pension scheme you may want to think about re-joining.

Starting your pension early will give your money time to grow, ask your employer about your workplace pension scheme today.


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Are you attending OTC 2013?



 will be exhibiting at the Offshore Technology Conference from the 6-9 May 2013 at the Reliant Centre in Houston, Texas. is giving one lucky visitor the chance to win VIP deluxe weekend tickets to the NASCAR AAA Texas 500 – so it could be more than just your career gathering speed thanks to!  Don’t miss your chance to win a NASCAR experience of a lifetime by visiting us on Booth #2241-H at OTC 2013.


The Offshore Technology Conference was founded in 1969, the event is held annually at the Reliant Centre in Houston.  OTC is one of the world’s biggest oil and gas conference’s held for the development of offshore resources in the fields of drilling, exploration, production, and environmental protection.


OTC attracts over 80,000 attendees from over 100 countries and has over 2,500 exhibiting companies every year.


We look forward to meeting you.

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UK Government relaxes immigration rules

The UK Government has relaxed the immigration rules allowing businesses within the oil and gas industry to employ skilled foreign workers.  This news gives the oil and gas industry a boost to help fill specialised engineering jobs from out with the EU Zone.

The Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) has advised the immigration authorities to add the twenty new engineering job categories to the Shortage Occupation List (SOL).  The new additions added include mechanical, production and electrical engineering occupations.

Jill Turner, Immigration and employment law expert said; This is really good news for the oil and gas sector which is finding it difficult to recruit specialist engineers. The Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) has listened to the concerns of employers and has taken steps to make it easier for firms to recruit outside Europe.

“Clients tell me one of their biggest challenges is being able to fill key jobs when bidding for or landing a contract and this creates uncertainty and undermines long term planning and business growth.

“MAC have acknowledged that there is a shortage of specialist skills in Aberdeen which is vital to the oil and gas industry and that it’s not possible to train people for those posts in the short term.

“In the last four years 100 job categories have been removed from SOL and it is relief that a so-called sunset clause has been ruled out because this would have made it easier to axe more posts and would be detrimental to recruitment in the energy sector.”

The SOL list is a record of jobs which are in demand and are not affected by the strict immigration rules which can often make it difficult for employers to hire skilled foreign workers.  This change will allow businesses within the oil and gas industry to feel secure that they will have the workers to meet the required demands of the jobs.

Jill Turner, expert on Employment and Immigration law.  Visit Jill Turner’s profile page.

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Marketing You

Marketing is a rapidly changing field, highly technology reliant and regularly evolving into new concepts with a plethora of keywords. However, the principles and justifications for marketing generally stay the same. We as marketing professionals want to do one thing well, communicate. The common misconception is that sales, brand awareness and all the other marketing benefits are the only consideration. They are not, they are just the end result of communicating in a way which demonstrates understanding of the environment and the understanding of those who you want to hear and understand your messages. What that ‘something’ is can be pretty much whatever you want it to be; a new product or service, a brand message, a customer service campaign, a job advert. Or a job application?

When a hiring manager or recruitment professional decides on recruitment activity (the advertising and positioning of the advert, selling the company and package etc) they do so using a number of highly specific marketing principles, whether they know they do this or not is another question but I suspect some do not. They will have been briefed about what personality is required for any given role, what sort of skill set is required, what qualifications that person is likely to have and what level of prior experience is needed. The result of this is that they already have their perfect candidate in their head and the job spec and advert is written based on this image. Their job is to communicate the requirement in the best way possible to ensure the return on investment is as close to ‘the perfect candidate’ as possible.

So how does an applicant market themselves?

Your personal marketing plan is something which you might not have given much thought to but with every application, you as the candidate wittingly or unwittingly engage in the very same marketing principles. At least half of all failing applications do so based on the poor understanding of how to market yourself as a candidate to the specifics of the role and organisation as opposed to overall unsuitability.

When you decide to apply for a role, you and the recruiter enter a unique marketing relationship where you both need to communicate the correct messages in order to achieve what you both want, a successful hire. As the candidate your primary focus should begin with the job specification, you must research and identify the industries, companies, cultures and roles that you will be suitable for and will enjoy, these are your targets. Discipline here often pays off, if you can ensure you spend more time writing applications to organisations you are interested in and for roles that you will enjoy then your applications will be natural and honest and more transparent.

Marketers target their communication; they design content for specific demographics of their customer base that is designed to elicit a response. Ensuring you re-write your CV and cover letter to address the specific qualifications and experiences (make use of keywords) established in the job advert is important. However, highlighting individual achievements within specific tasks and experiences that will prove your performance levels were higher than the average is how you ensure the recruiter selects your CV to read in more detail. You do not need to list your all-time greatest achievements just emphasise the ones relevant to this role. Ensuring any online presence matches your written application is important for consistency; if you received marketing communications that presented a different message in one medium than they did in another, you would be disappointed.

Make the most of your network, using job boards is a great way to make a professional public profile however if you don’t regularly update the information and engage with people via these platforms, they stagnate and will have to be hastily fixed when the time comes to make applications. Making the most of your network can be a great inroad to a position that you would not normally have been able to identify. Furthermore you need to measure what is working and what is not. If you get the chance to ask for feedback then do so, but make sure you take it on board and address it for future efforts.

So finding a job is marketing then?

Communication is the key to you achieving success in your job search. You must present yourself as the best solution to the problem for that organisation (the problem being the open vacancy). If you are guilty of applications with a ‘one size fits all’ CV and cover letter clichés such as the ‘determined individual’ or surprise surprise; ‘I am a good communicator’, then you should reconsider your tactics.

My challenge to you is to change your job hunting habits, to prove yourself with communication and marketing principles that focus on quality not quantity. If you limit the number of applications you make but spend the same amount of time making the few as you would making the many, you will allow yourself to find the right opportunity. Read more into the role, research the company culture, identify the areas of responsibility you can excel at and credibly highlight and present a relevant application that is harder to ignore. Alternatively, you can run the risk of becoming the ‘spam marketing’ of applications, the unsolicited and unjustified attempt that only goes down as poorly targeted and poorly communicated. Ultimately, forgotten.


Matt Thomas is Marketing Associate for Quarsh, a leading RPO and Talent Warehousing organisation. He regularly contributes to the Quarsh Blog on matters such as social media and employer branding.

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The new app is now available to download for free from the iTunes app Store. The app is compatible with all iPads, iPhones and iPod touches. In less than twelve months has seen its mobile traffic drastically grow from 7% to 17.3% of total traffic – that’s more than 1.6 million visits.


The app delivers the fundamentals of job hunting. It enables job seekers to search jobs by keywords and location, browse jobs, read job descriptions, then save favourites and email them to their inbox.


Managing Director, Mark Guest, said: “As the world’s most popular oil and gas recruitment site, we’ve spent years understanding job seeker behaviour and the job hunting process. This new app is a powerful tool for any job seeker. It has an easy to use interface giving job seekers another way to access up to 20,000 live vacancies while on the go or offshore.”


According to the Mobile Marketing Association Asia, more people in the world own a mobile phone than a toothbrush! Get downloading now. Click here to download the new app.

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Adipec Hailed a Success




The team are making their way back from exhibiting at Adipec, in Abu Dhabi, which is organised by dmg :: events. This year’s show has been the busiest and most successful ever. Our stand featured an innovative Traffic Lights Party design, which asked if you were Red – I love my job, Amber – Excite me and I’ll consider it, or Green – I could be just what you’re looking for. This was a real talking point. It was a pleasure to meet hundreds of new candidates, as well as candidates who have already used successfully to find roles within oil and gas companies.


On the final day, a delighted lady came over to thank us. She had spoken to us on day one of the show, registered on and within hours she had been contacted by a recruiter, invited for an interview during Adipec – and landed her first job. It’s so gratifying to meet candidates and share their experiences. Congratulations!


Our Managing Director, Mark Guest, sat on the panel at the Society of Petroleum Engineer Conference addressing The Importance of Human Capital. He joined distinguished speakers from BP, Schlumberger and Saudi Aramco.  He shared unique market insight into job seeker behaviour, recruitment trends and the future of mobile technology.  Did you know that more people in the world own a mobile phone than a tooth brush?


The Adipec Awards recognised the companies who go the extra mile in terms of innovation, strategy, technology and corporate social responsibility. People are at the core of their success. We experienced some amazing culture thanks to the dmg :: events team, who put on a fantastic display for a global audience.


We appeared on Dubai City 7 TV and Dubai Eye radio. To watch Dubai City 7′s special Adipec show featuring Mark Guest, click here. Thanks to everyone who helped make our time at Adipec a pleasure and a success.

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