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Addressing the Skills Shortage through Committing to Career Development

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Attracting, and then retaining, talented personnel is an ongoing concern for many Human Resources (HR) leaders. For larger employers within the oil and gas industry, where the current skills shortage is well documented, this is a real challenge.


Indeed, in many energy centres around the world we are seeing unemployment figures that continue to buck trends in other industries. plays an important role in facilitating recruitment in a challenging employment landscape.


If we take the North-East of Scotland as an example, unemployment rates are currently extremely low at 2.2% compared to the UK national average of 8%. In this environment many companies can easily fall into the trap of paying higher wages than their competitors in a bid to retain talented staff.


To many this may appear to be the easiest solution, however we have to ask whether the promise of inflated wages really is the most appropriate solution to ensuring employees stay loyal to your organisation?


At Technip, we take a much broader view regarding staff attraction, and retention, as we believe that being able to offer rewarding career development, including visible paths for progression and job variation are just as important to many individuals as overall salary is.


By giving our staff the control to shape how they want to develop professionally, and by providing them with opportunities to do so, we believe we are creating a very positive atmosphere for our employees.


Combine this with our varied lifestyle benefits and incentives like dental and health plans, child care vouchers and Apple products and we believe we are creating the kind of positive life-work balance environment that will see employees thrive.


Using this approach, Technip has been recognised as one of Britain’s Top Employers by the influential CRF institute for the second consecutive year.


Being identified, once again, as one of Britain’s Top Employers was immensely satisfying for us. Independent research was carried out by the CRF Institute which concluded that Technip’s UK operating centre offers outstanding working conditions and industry leading career development.


Top Employer status is awarded to organisations that meet the highest standards in HR practice. Technip was recognised as having outstanding employee offerings across all areas including primary benefits, working conditions, training and development, career development and company culture.


At Technip, we have worked tremendously hard in all aspects to achieve these high standards. Quite simply we believe that without demonstrating the best in HR processes we would not be correctly placed to achieve our business objectives and attract the right people.

Guest blog by Frank Simons, HR Vice President, Technip’s North Sea Canada Region
Creative Commons License photo credit: chekhter


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