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When you commission CV Checker to write your CV, you will receive a dedicated service from our most appropriate consultant who is highly qualified with significant expertise within Oil and Gas. They will conduct an in-depth telephone consultation or ask you to complete our comprehensive skills probe form in order to establish your future career aspirations, qualify and quantify your achievements, create your core competencies, highlight your transferable skills and make your CV keyword effective. We do not use templates, or cut and paste when producing your CV; it is a unique and extremely important document that we know you will be proud of. Your new document will be tailored to your target audience and salary expectations within five working days.

A professionally written, powerfully worded and easy to read CV will tell the reader what they need to know, quickly and succinctly. Your CV is the most valuable document you can own – CV Checker can provide you with that document.

Please read some of our recent fantastic statistics;

Within 4 weeks, 91% of our clients had a new job offer

29% of our clients increase their salaries by 25% after using our services

Why not come and have a taster session and speak to a consultant for our free CV review service to get your CV checked for the January job rush?  Click here for your free review.

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The Strange Tale of Professor CaseHole and His Missing Skills

Have you looked at your CV lately?  Does it really tell the full story? And more importantly if you have loaded your CV / Resume up to an online job board, will anyone ever find it?

I was recently demonstrating the many benefits of to a recruiter, and as a test case we searched for a very specific role that he was looking for.  It struck me that it may be useful to share this with you, and particularly if you are looking for a new job.  Having this information will enable you to put yourself in the shoes of those hiring managers and recruiters who are looking for you, and give you an insight into the database search techniques those prospective employers are using.

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